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Porsche Cars


Porsche Cars – Another Name of Sophistication

Porsche cars are well known for their amazing craftsmanship, powerful engines and superior design. The company has introduced several models in the market and has been a pioneer in bringing several new comfort and safety features to the automobile market, which has made travelling safe and comfortable for all of us today. In the list given below, we have described all the models of Porsche available in the market and their features in brief so that you get a glimpse of the different models of this company that is available for you if you desire to buy them.

1). Porsche Macan : This powerful looking SUV is considered to be the smallest and most compact among its class from the stable of Porsche. The front look of this muscular looking car is dominated by a big black colour engine grill and two smaller air sockets to cool the big sized engine as well as to keep the brakes dry. The engine hood has two character lines flowing down to improve its powerful image. Turning to its sides, it has black colour big-sized alloy wheel that complements well with the black colour B and C pillars. In addition, it has body-colored door handles; ORVMs and a black colour cladding at the skirt level improve the overall visual impact of this vehicle.

The inside of this car is decorated with premium leather, chrome and plastics. All the seats are covered with high-class leather and are heavily cushioned. The dashboard has a glossy finish and features a big sized infotainment system and several dials that allow the driver to keep a close eye on the functioning of this car.

Porsche has blessed this model with three engine options. Among the three, the top end trim is called the Porsche Macan Turbo and it is outfitted with a powerful 3.6-liters V6 petrol engine with two integrated turbochargers. The S diesel trim, on the other hand, features a 3.0-litre engine and the base trim of this model is propelled by a 2.0-litre V4 petrol engine.

2). Porsche Boxster : If you are looking for a classy looking convertible with premium features, then Porsche Boxster is the car to look out for. Its curvy edges and eye popping design give it a stylish look which is hard to resist. Its sloping engine cover, swept back headlamp cluster, electrically controlled foldable roof and air sockets in front of the rear wheel arches give it a distinct look that makes it stand out in a crowd. This a twin-seater with a rich looking interior, where the designers have used leather, chrome and wood to give it a classy finish. Porsche has introduced this model in two different trims; one of them is called the S trim and the other is called the GTS trim. While both the trims have the same 3.4-litre petrol engine with a displacement capacity of 3436cc, the top end GTS trim has a tweaked engine to give it more power than the one installed in the S trim.

Porsche Cars – Another Name of Sophistication (PART - 2)

3). Porsche Cayenne : This spacious luxury SUV from Porsche is bigger in size than the Macan and also has better facilities. Its length, breadth and height are 4846mm, 1939mm and 1705mm, respectively. Cayenne also has a ground clearance of 268mm that allows it to easily tackle the bumpy roads with ease. Looking this car from the front will give you a distinct impression of power and class. The sloping windshield and engine hood with twin character lines adds to its overall muscular character. It has a big-sized black colour engine grill to cool its powerful engine quickly. This engine grill is flanked by a clear lens headlamp cluster that has a swept back design and houses bi-Xenon headlamps, LED DRLs and turn lights.

Looking this beauty from its side you will be amazed to observe its exquisite design that enhances its upmarket look. The thick black B and C pillar with tinted windows, dual-color ORVMs with LED turn lights, body colour door handles and big sized alloy wheels covered with tubeless radial tyres give it a classical SUV look that promises power that is packaged in comfort.

The interior of the SUV is done in attractive dual-tone color with extensive use of leather, chrome and polished wood. The dashboard is stylishly designed and features several chrome covered meters and placed over a polished wooden background that has leather stitching along the edges. The seats are very comfortable and can be electrically adjusted as per the height of the rider. Featuring several amazing comfort and safety features, this is a car that allows you to drive in complete safety as well as comfort.

Porsche has made this car available in seven different trims with different comfort and safety features depending upon their price. Porsche has made this model available in 2 petrol and two diesel engine options. The entry level petrol trim is powered by a 3.6-litre engine, whereas the upper level petrol model has a 4.8-litre engine. The diesel model, on the other hand, has a 3.0-litre motor for its entry level trim and a more powerful 4.2-litre oil burner for its top level trim.

4). Porsche Cayman : This is a luxury sports car that features some of the best safety and comfort elements packaged inside a curvy looking body that has a powerful heart in the shape of a 2.7-litre petrol engine for the base trim and a higher 3.5-litre petrol engine for the mid as well as the top-end trims. The super-efficient engine of this sports car is attached to a 7-speed automatic gearbox that allows the base variant to reach a top speed of 266kmph and the top-end trim reaching a maximum speed of 283kmph. Featuring amazing suspension system and top-of-the-line safety elements, this sports car is very stable at high-speed and can take sharp corners without any fear of skidding.

Porsche Cars – Another Name of Sophistication (PART - 2)

5). Porsche Panamera : This amazingly designed premium saloon car is one of the most stylish cars that are available in the market. It is designed in such a way that you will not find any sharp edges, but will only witness curves that add to the elegance of its overall design. The exquisite design of this car is further improves upon by tinted glasses all around, black colour alloy wheels and beautifully crafted headlamp cluster with adjustable LED headlamps, turn lights and DRLs flanks its smooth looking engine cover that has the badging embossed right in the middle. 

Complementing its expensive looking exterior, its interior is furnished with the best materials that allow the riders to travel like a royalty totally cut off from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. All the riders have AC vents that allow them to control the fan speed independently so as to cool their position according to their comfort.

This model is available in seven different trims with varying comfort features related to their price tag. This fantastic looking car is available in both petrol as well as diesel motor options. The diesel trims are powered by a 3.0-litre powertrain, whereas the petrol trims are available in 3.6-litre V6 and 4.8-litre V8 engine options.

6). Porsche 911 : Driving the iconic Porsche 911 is a treat for both your eyes as well as your ears. 911’s incredible design and luxurious interior allow you to drive in a relaxed and comfortable setting and the powerful throaty voice of its engine gives you a thrill that is hard to describe in words. The front look of this car is distinguished by its smiley designed engine hood that has two round-shaped sloping headlamp clusters on its either sides. The body-colored front bumper has two big sized air ducts to cool the wet brakes.

Its side profile features a single door on either side with beautifully crafted body colour ORVM with embedded LED turn lights attached to the door itself that can be electrically controlled from inside. The bunched up rear haunches that has air vents built into it gives it a look of power. Turning to the rear, you will find that the sporty theme has found its continuation here also with its sloping windshield, a spoiler to give it a downward thrust to improve its stability at high speed, twin chrome plated exhaust pipes and a wraparound tail light cluster that houses LED lamps for extra brightness. This sports car is available in 7 different trims and all of them feature petrol engines. The base and mid-level variants are powered by a 3.4-litre powermill, whereas the top end trims are blessed with a more powerful 3.8-litre motor.

If you are impressed by any of these models, then you should contact your local second hand car dealer to get the best bargain for your desired used Porsche car in India.